Maivish at the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo (with Nils Friedland calling). 

Maivish - Adam Broome, Jaige Trudel, and Matt Olwell

This year, we'll dance to the marvelous Maivish: Adam Broome on guitar, Jaige Trudeau on fiddle, and Matt Olwell on flutes and percussion. The group began as a collaboration between American fiddler, Jaige Trudel and British born guitarist, Adam Broome who have been performing together as a duo for nearly two decades. Previously, these two formed the core of Crowfoot. Matthew has been performing and teaching as a dancer and percussionist at festivals and theatres across North America and Europe since 1996. After years of crossing paths on the folk circuit, these three performers finally have come together to cultivate a sound that is uniquely their own. Their dynamic music, haunting melodies and driving rhythm will thrill you for the whole mini-weekend!


Lindsey Dono

Lindsey Dono delights in traveling to share her love of dance with an ever-expanding network of “contra family.” Known for her serene and sunny instruction, Lindsey transforms newcomers into avid regulars while keeping veterans piqued with sophisticated programming. In addition to calling with expertise, Lindsey writes inspired and interesting dances. Many of her creations have been called at festivals, dance camps and weekends. Lindsey’s high quality craft is highly acclaimed by dancers across the country. You will love her, too!