Pete's Posse

Pete's Posse at the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo with Adina Gordon calling. 

Pete’s Posse is Vermont's own trad-roots power trio delivering wild harmonies, thunderous rhythm and pure spirit! Composed of acclaimed musician Pete Sutherland, his talented protégé Oliver Scanlon, and the über-dynamic Tristan Henderson, Pete's Posse never fails to surprise and excite! Twin fiddles in tight, wild harmony over high-powered guitar and pounding foot percussion with mandolin, clawhammer banjo, jaw harp, rocking keyboards, and soaring vocal harmonies adding color to the Posse's sonic landscape. The steady flow of powerful uplifting energy spans their age gap as they tap into many traditions from the north to south, and east to west, distilling a distinct sound that is completely their own. Their ‘multi-generational roots music’ seems to strike a chord with folks and that’s a gift. For Pete, Oliver, and Tristan, all the time together on the road and at home, rehearsing and performing, is a gift as well. The good energy out there in the wide world is part of them and everything they do, and they love sharing it forward. 


Bob Isaacs

Bob Isaacs is one of the best callers in the country. His mischievous yet masterful approach gets the whole hall in motion, smoothly grooving to his expert dances and clear calls. His calling is friendly and fun loving with focus on the dancers. Ever mindful of dancers’ needs and preferences, he calls for everyone, but it feels like he is calling just to you. Be prepared for a possible grid square, one of Bob's specialties. Clear calling with concise teaching make Bob Isaacs a favorite of dancers everywhere. 

Bob has been affiliated with the Country Dance and Song Society since 2010, and has been spreading his magic all over the U.S and beyond ever since. He has written dozens of dances, showing his gift for excellent choreography and a flair for flow. Many other callers share his works to the delight of dancers everywhere. He leads informative workshops going into great depth on the mechanics and nuances of dance writing and calling, and analyzing the movements . His reputation as a beloved dancer, writer and caller is well-deserved.