Contra Dance Schedule


Legend: KLW=Kenilworth School, ICC=Irish Cultural Center, JHC=Jewish Heritage Center, MC=Mesa Center, GOOC=Greek Orthodox Community Center

Jan. 11-12  GOCC   Winter Frolic, Lindsey Dono • Maivish

Jan. 25  ICC  Christine Merryman • Commotion

Feb. 09  KLW  Peg Hesley • For Old Times' Sake

Feb. 22  ICC  Peg Hesley • Cat Mountain Rounders

Mar. 09  KLW  Christine Merryman • DJ Flourish     "Fusion Contra"

Mar. 22  ICC  Kari Usher • Out Of The Wood

Apr. 12  JHC  Suze St. John • Commotion (2nd Friday)

Apr. 25  ICC  Deb Comly • Drive Train (4th Thursday)

May 10   JHC  Seth Levine • Grrl Band (2nd) Friday

May 24  ICC  Peg Hesley • Traditional Blend

Jun. 07  ICC  Kari Usher • Cat Mountain Rounders (1st Friday)

Jun. 28  ICC  Peg Hesley • Parson Sisters (contra)

Jun. 29  ICC Peg Hesley • Parson Sisters (English country dance)

JULY ~ Phoenix Contrdancing Suspended Until August

Aug. 23  ICC  TBA • Steam!

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